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     Awanui ... the Early Years

 The Subritzky Brothers arrived in New Zealand in 1860 and established
  themselves in the Far North. Hard working, of considerable vision and
  enterprise the family became synonymous with early coastal shipping and
  trade.  Although Awanui in the mid 1870's was not much more than a
  collection of small rough sawn huts, John Anton Subritzky was quick to
  appreciate the significance of the Awanui River as a port. In the late
  1870's he purchased a number of vessels and began the shipping line
  "JA. Subritzky & Sons". By the 1880's the Depression was coming to an
  end and the Kauri Gum trade was growing rapidly. At the turn of the
  century much of the population of the Far North depended either directly
  or indirectly upon the digging, sale or export of Kauri Gum. It was the
  coastal shipping trade that kept the early northern settlements alive
  and the "bread & butter" of the shipping was the trade in Gum, Timber
  and Flax fibre.  The year 1900 heralded a new dawn for the Subritzky
  families now varied business interests. At Awanui they had established
  a General Store along with several gum stores, they ran the Post Office
  and the Hotel. They built Flax Mills and with their schooner "Greyhound"
  developed their shipping link between other small ports and Auckland.
  The NSSCo. now made regular calls to the little port of Awanui and the
  river was now a lifeline for the districts growth and development.