PHOTOGRAPHY by donhammondimage


                Diving the Far North .....



    Marine Gallery
     The Far North's marine environment is as diverse as the
   region's topside counterpart, "as above, so below".

    Within the sheltered confines of a harbour a wall of rock has
   disappeared beneath a myriad of life. From the low water mark to
   the shelly floor 30 feet below a profusion of invertebrates vie for
   every available inch of space. Hydroids, Soft Corals, Anemones,
   Ascidians and Nudibranchs, a micro world of co-existence.   

    Eight miles off the coastline a rock-face plunges to the ocean floor
   near 200 feet below. Its face a kaleidoscope of Blue & Pink Maomao,
   Butterfly Perch, Damoseilles and Golden Snapper. Firebrick Stars
   meander across vertical fields of Sponges and Hydroids. Vibrant
   Yellow Feather Stars cluster tightly along side stands of pink Ivory
   corals. The result; a heady mixture of narcosis and exhilaration that
   make it difficult to distinguish where reality ends and fantasy begins.