PHOTOGRAPHY by donhammondimage


   The Wreck of the Drac.II.
      December 30. 1983.  Lost on the Parengarenga Harbour Bar.
                The private yacht, "Drac.II" was on a voyage
  from Tahiti to New Zealand. With her last port of call Noumea, she
  and her French owners made passage for NZ, a visit which they had
  missed on their first cruise around the world. Making landfall at North
  Cape the crew undertook to enter the Parengarenga Harbour with
  the intention of finding shelter. About 4:00pm the "Drac.II" came in on
  the north side of the bar and although following charts closely she
  struck heavily on a sandbar. In a short space of time the yacht was
  listing heavily with waves sweeping the decks. The crew of four despite
  strong currents, eventually made it to the safety of the shore inside
  the harbour entrance. In the subsequent days a number of attempts
  were made to salvage the vessel but to no avail, the "Drac.II" broke
  up on the bar and became a total loss. Now her remains lie scattered
  over the white silica sand, another monument to add further notoriety
  to the destructive reputation of the Parengarenga Harbour Bar.