PHOTOGRAPHY by donhammondimage


      The Wreck of the Favourite ...
  With the Gum Digging industry well established many a cargo of gum was loaded
  by lighter and dingy direct from the beach to vessels waiting off shore.
   The Paddle-Steamer "Favourite" was such a vessel engaged in the kauri gum
  trade and plying the Far North's coastal waters. On April 1st 1870, the
  "Favourite" was anchored off Te Kohanga Bay to load a cargo of gum while
  taking advantage of the shelter offered by the land from the strong south
  westerly conditions that prevailed at the time. It was most likely a little
  imprudent that Captain Dyason chose to lie so close inshore without steam on
  the boiler in such conditions. The south westerly wind increased to gale force
  and the "Favourite" was driven ashore in what is now referred to as Shipwreck
  Bay at Ahipara.
    The "Favourite" was built of wrought iron and a relatively new vessel. Her
  45hp. machinery, while primitive by later standards, made her a powerful
  vessel for that time. At 121 ft. with a 16 ft. beam she was quite a fast ship.
  Her remains have weathered the intervening years very well, part of her boiler
  section is still exposed along with one of the shafts that drove her paddle
  wheels. The rest of her remains lie buried for all time beneath the sands at
  Shipwreck Bay.