PHOTOGRAPHY by donhammondimage.


   The Wreck of the
"Iris" ...

      On 20th August 1977 the FV."Iris", a 55' steel fishing boat was
  returning home to her base port of Awanui. Rounding North Cape in an
  area known for heavy seas and strong currents, the "Iris" was
  overwhelmed by one or more large waves, rolling the vessel. From her
  position of loss the "Iris" was carried by the conditions further down
  the coastline eventually coming to rest on the rocky shoreline. After
  inspection by a salvage team it was considered that recovery was
  difficult, if not impossible. The vessel was then stripped of everything
  of value and her hull left to the elements. In 1985 the remains of the
  Iris were well broken up. Her twisted hull gave testament to the fury
  of the seas at times experienced around the north-eastern extremity
  of the Far North.
     Battered and broken her remains had now taken on an art form
  of their own, a natural sculpture in a remote region that over time will
  disappear into the landscape.