PHOTOGRAPHY by donhammondimage


                      just peaks .....




           In recent times there has been much controversy with regard to the
    disappearance of "Peaks".  With the post mortems and opinions in abundance I
    decided to consult with the "Gelp",  guru of surfing days gone by. So I asked him,
         "How did Peaks come to be and what was it like near 40 years ago ?"
                   In a recent email I got the following  reply ...........

 " Peaks, aw mate, it just came on overnight. Myself, an Auzzie called Skip, a South African
     by the name of Donald Palmer & me ol mate Stu Murray were walking back from Muke I.
    late one winter arvo in 1970 and there it was, going off its ..... bout 3-5 ft. It just "appeared"
             A few weeks later it was high tide,  6-8 foot, and,
ya should have seen it !
    Looked like something out of Hawaii, just this massive peak which you could surf if ya stayed
    on the eastern side, only twice I took off on the wrong side, first time I near crapped myself
    and on the second occasion I broke my board in half !  Myself, and Tim "the Duke" Berghan
    took a real shine to the break and spent most of our time out there when it was breaking. I
    would pick up Tim & Stu and when they asked, "where are we going ?" the reply would be,
                                           " ....... Peaks, uts going off ! "
As a final word the "Gelp" also noted that from the moment Peaks
         started to work consistently Mukerau I. stopped.
                                             A little  "food for thought ......."



                                 (and who is this "Gelp" ? .... thats another story.)