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  The "HUAWAI" - "Blooming Waters"

   The "Huawai" was purchased by Arthur Subritzky from the ex-mayor of
   Northcote, Auckland for the princely sum of 500.00. "AWT", as Arthur
   Subritzky was better known, returned north with the vessel in 1939 and
   the "Huawai" has made the Awanui River home  spending most of her life
   moored  behind the Kaitaia Dairy Company building.
   After Arthur suffered a stroke, the little vessel passed into the hands
   of his daughter Nellie and her husband Sam Sharp who utilised her as a
   commercial fishing boat in both Rangaunu Harbour and along the Far
   northern coastline.
     The "Huawai", believed to be now over 100 years old, had been used as
   a passenger ferry around the Hauraki Gulf and could also carry 16 bales
   of wool at a time. She regularly operated up and down the Wade River
   to Puhoi as well. Today the "Huawai" sits in a cradle on the banks of the
   Awanui River awaiting refit and return to the waterway on which she has
   spent much of her life.

March 1975

                   2009                         Arthur William Subritzky