PHOTOGRAPHY by donhammondimage

                  A.G. Frankham Shipping Ltd.

The early 1900's reflected the golden years for coastal shipping in the Far Northern region.
   Alfred George Frankham was well known for his shipping service to many of the small ports
   dotted along the northern coastline.  Frankham began his operations with A.S."Coronation"
   but the rapidly developing northern district soon surpassed the vessels capabilities and
   other vessels were added to the fleet.  In some weeks, up to seven ships would call at Awanui,
   familiar names such as "Tiri", "Kapuni" and "Hokianga" were regular visitors to the northern
   ports. These small ships gave wonderful service to the region, transporting goods and produce
   to Auckland and many other destinations along the route.  During these years, between the
   ports of Mangonui, Houhora and Awanui, A.G. Frankham Ltd. accounted for over 40,000 tons
   of cargo annually.