PHOTOGRAPHY by donhammondimage


   The Photograph. c1924.

    Northland Age. 1941

The Motor. 1928.

         PICTURES ........."

    Since time began mans inclination to record has never
  waned but it would not be until 1939 when Frenchman
  Louis Daguerre created a process whereby the first real
  photographic image could be obtained.
     By the 1860's the very successful Wet-Collodian
  process had been established. This system however,    
  required a portable darkroom wherever images were to
  be made, the photographic plates being constructed just
  prior to exposure.
   In 1878 the Gelatin Dry Plate had been developed and
 refined, it was to be a major advancement.The need for
 the portable darkroom was over but perhaps the greatest
 benefit was the reduction in exposure time, the ability
 to capture images of moving subjects now became a
 reality.The glass plate negatives still had drawbacks, they
 were heavy, bulky and very fragile. It was not until the
 1880's that George Eastman developed the medium of
 utilising celluloid as a carrier for photographic emulsion.
  At the same time Eastman joined with William Walker to
 produce a simple camera that was marketed under the
 name "Kodak". It was an immediate success for people who
 had never taken a photograph before were now able to
 make successful pictures. In 1900 the first "Box-Brownie"
 was sold and its introduction was to be of considerable
 social significance. For the first time it provided the "man
 in the street" with the ability to create a permanent
 record of his family and their activities.
           The Snap Shot album had come of age ...

       Friends. c1920's.

    The Sandwich. c1924


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